The Chancellor's Cabinet is the campus’s topmost administrative committee. This advisory committee provides an opportunity for the campus’s senior leadership team to:

  1. Discuss strategic and critical issues facing the campus;
  2. Provide input to the Chancellor in the development of his vision to guide the campus, his goals, and his initiatives;
  3. Receive assignments from the Chancellor that cross control units and have campus-wide impact;
  4. Hear briefings by the Chancellor on his activities, including at Office of the President, Regents, Council of Chancellors, and the State;
  5. Give updates or presentations on the principal projects, goals, and key issues in the control units, including requests for input and advice on strategy; and
  6. Provide input and advice that will inform the development of the annual campus-wide strategic framework

The current membership of the Chancellor's Cabinet includes:

  • Nicholas Dirks, Chancellor
  • Carol Christ, Interim Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
  • Paul Alivisatos, Vice Chancellor, Research
  • Steve Sutton, Interim Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  • Na’ilah Nasir, Vice Chancellor, Equity & Inclusion
  • Catherine Koshland, Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education
  • Julie Hooper, Vice Chancellor, Development & Alumni Relations
  • Tsu-Jae King Liu, Vice Provost for Academic and Space Planning
  • Scott Biddy, Vice Chancellor
  • Ben Hermalin, Vice Provost for the Faculty
  • Rosemarie Rae, Vice Chancellor - Chief Financial Officer
  • Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Information Officer
  • Christopher Patti, Chief Campus Counsel
  • Fiona Doyle, Dean, Graduate Division
  • Michael Williams, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Nils Gilman, Associate Chancellor & Chief of Staff to Chancellor Dirks
  • Khira Griscavage, Associate Chancellor, CERCO & LDO
  • Phyllis Hoffman, Associate EVCP & Chief of Staff
  • Christine Treadway, Assistant Chancellor, Government & Community Relations
  • Jo Mackness, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
  • Dan Mogulof, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Executive Communications