General Inquiries

For general inquiries in the Chancellor's office, please contact:

Jenny Hanson, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
Office of the Chancellor
200 California Hall # 1500
Berkeley, CA 94720-1500
Phone: (510) 642-7464
Fax: (510) 643-5499

Media Inquiries

For interviews and other media inquiries involving the Chancellor, please contact:

Michael Emerson Dirda, Executive Communications
Phone: (510) 981-9193

Requests for the Chancellor's time

The following guidelines and templates are to be used when requesting the Chancellor's time for an event, meeting or travel. Our office requests all agendas, briefings and corresponding materials for the Chancellor to be sent to 5 business days prior to the meeting or event.

Please contact the Chancellor's office at or (510) 642-7464 with any questions regarding requests for the Chancellor's time.

Type of RequestInstructions
Requesting the Chancellor's time for an Event:



Please complete and submit the online Event Request Form. Our office will contact you after receiving your request. Once your request has been approved, please use the Confidential Briefing template.
Requesting a meeting with the Chancellor:


If you are requesting time on the Chancellor's calendar for a meeting, please complete the Meeting Request template and email it to Please be sure to fill out all fields and mark N/A for sections that do not apply. Our office will contact you after receiving your request.
Travel documents for the Chancellor:


Please use the Travel Itinerary template below if you are preparing a travel itinerary for the Chancellor and email it to

For information on the Chancellor's correspondence guidelines and other useful information login to Blu and click on the Chancellor tab.