Objective/Jurisdiction: to review and provide non-binding guidance & advice to the Chancellor or Chancellor’s designee on proposed sanctions in all cases where investigators have determined that a staff or faculty member has been found to have violated SVSH policies, or at whatever stage of an SVSH investigation sufficient facts have been gathered to propose a possible resolution to an SVSH complaint. Cases where early resolution may result in no formal sanction will also be reviewed. The goal of “campus peer review” is to ensure community input in sanctioning, and that disciplinary measures and formal sanctions are effective, fair and consistent.

Membership and terms of service: The Campus SVSH Peer Review Panel (CPRP) shall be constituted as a fifteen-member standing panel from which single five-member panels (comprised of representatives of five distinct campus constituencies) will be drawn on a case-by-case. The CPRP will be responsible for reviewing all campus cases where SVSH policy has been violated by employees of the University holding either academic or staff titles, excepting Graduate Student Instructors and those cases referred to the UC systemwide panel reviewing senior administrative leaders.

  • The selection of a fifteen-member standing Peer Review Panel shall be made by the Chancellor from five slates of six candidates proposed by each of the following entities: the Chancellor’s Cabinet and/or Council of Deans, the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate, the Berkeley Staff Assembly, the Graduate Assembly and the ASUC. A pool of fifteen standing members--three Senior Administrators, three Senate faculty, three staff, three graduate students, three undergraduate students--will insure the availability of panelists, and therefore timely execution of consultation.
  • Each individual Peer Review Panel will be constituted on a case-by-case basis and comprised of five members selected from the standing Panel of fifteen members. Each five-member Peer Review Panel will have members of the five represented constituencies.
  • To accommodate undergraduate student participation, members shall serve for terms of no less than two, and no more than three years, with a staggered rotation so that one-third of the Committee is renewed every two years. Because of the significant training and time commitment service on this Panel will require, student CPRP members (both Graduate and Undergraduate) will receive one unit of independent study credit for each year of service on this Panel.
  • Panel members will receive appropriate training by a Title IX specialist prior to service, and the work of the panel will be strictly confidential and privileged.

Process:  The Special Advisor to the Chancellor on SVSH will constitute and convene each Panel for the Chancellor on an “as needed” basis. 

  • All relevant case materials, as well as a statement motivating the proposed sanctions from the campus unit responsible for proposing and imposing the sanctions, will be made available to Panel members for their review.  These materials will be redacted where possible or appropriate.
  • Once Panel members have received the materials they will have ten business days to review them. The Panel will then meet with the Chancellor and the Chancellor's Special Faculty Advisor on Title IX to offer an oral presentation of their non-binding, confidential views and advice regarding the proposed sanctions or resolution. There will be no written CPRP report.

Implementation: The Chancellor's Special Faculty Advisor will design an implementation plan to be initiated in January 2017.