Chancellor's Communications & Resource Center


The Chancellor's Communications and Resource Center (CCRC) was established in 1952 with the appointment of Berkeley's first Chancellor, Clark Kerr. CCRC is responsible for the implementation of a life cycle program of archives records management and workflow integration within the Office of the Chancellor and the campus senior administration.


Utilizing both traditional record-keeping formats and emerging communications technology, CCRC staff perform a variety of professional duties in the areas of information resource management, records systems analysis, archival appraisal strategies, and support of campuswide information users.

The CCRC is responsible for preserving records that document the history of UC and the Berkeley campus. CCRC records are maintained in hardcopy and as electronic images.

CCRC follows the UC Records Disposition Schedules Manual for the retention and disposition of historical records.


CCRC serves as the functional owner and operating systems administrator for the CALmessages system. CALmessages is the campus' Web-based broadcast messaging system, providing email notifications to faculty and staff for official campus communications.

CALmessages also provides subscription list functionality, allowing the creation of departmental or program subscription lists that are distributed via CALmessages, at no cost to the department. These lists are automatically maintained and updated by the CALmessages system.

Questions regarding the use of CALmessages can be sent to


The UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Office receives thousands of emails every month. Due to the high volume of emails received, we cannot always respond to all emails received; however, it is our practice to review and respond to as many of these emails as practicable. While we do respond to most notes, we are unable to respond to all emails, including:

  • Form emails

  • Messages  from individuals not affiliated with the university that pose no germane questions 

  • Emails that are discriminatory, insulting, degrading, hateful, sexual or violent unless they are reporting on an incident of that nature. 

Emails referencing issues not managed by the Office of the Chancellor are sent to the appropriate office for review and response.


Questions for the CCRC Coordinator may be emailed to
  • Chancellor's Records Retention / Records Management
  • CALmessages Operating Systems Administrator
  • Perceptive Content Administrator