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Moving this Summer? Be Green! Keep it out of the Waste Stream!

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Reuse, Recycling and Disposal Services

The ReUSE Online Exchange: The concept of finding and disposing of materials through an online medium is not new.  People sell and/or barter anything - from old house paint to broken strollers and gently used bicycles - and these communities of exchange are particularly popular in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, many of these websites leave students, without cars, out of luck. By establishing a focused community of givers and takers within a specific geographical region, the UC Berkeley campus, the Online Materials Exchange facilitates direct encounters between campus affiliates- students, staff, and faculty (from "About the Exchange")

The City of Berkeley's Reuse Guide: Listings of local organizations that accept a variety of reusable items, including furniture, appliances, and clothing.

Other Resources Help reduce waste to our landfills! StopWaste.Org offers a wide range of waste prevention and recycling services to the residents of Alameda County to reduce waste and save money.

About the Cal Move-Out program

The Cal Move-Out program, developed by the Chancellor's Advisory Council on Student-Neighbor Relations in 2007, brings together the resources of the University of California, Berkeley and the City of Berkeley in an effort to decrease the environmental and social impacts of illegal dumping in near-campus neighborhoods at the end of the academic semester.

Students often do not have the means or are unsure of how to properly dispose of unwanted items like mattresses, couches, and small appliances, etc. Unfortunately, many of these items are left curbside, an environmentally harmful practice that we have been trying to eliminate by educating students and providing specialized services.

The program itself combines outreach to students and property owners about responsible disposal and reuse strategies as well as the deployment of large debris bins in the student-dense neighborhoods near campus.

For more information, contact:

Office the Government and Community Relations, University of California, Berkeley

Phone: (510) 643-5299  Fax: (510) 643-0281