Addressing bias and bigotry: a call for campus proposals


The UC Office of the President is providing one-time resources to UC campuses to address and combat antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Palestinian and anti-Israeli bias, and other forms of bigotry and discrimination at the university. The Chancellor’s Office is issuing this call for proposals to seek your engagement and innovative ideas to address the timely and critical issues facing our campus. 


With the overarching goal of creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive, and respectful campus environment, the objectives of this call for proposals are to:

  • address immediate mental health and trauma support needs of students, faculty and staff,

  • increase the capacity for learning about history and sources of conflict and bias, including but not limited to Israel, Palestine and the region; 

  • Increase the capacity for learning about free speech, hate speech, harassment and Berkeley’s principles of community; and

  • expand the capacity for dialogue across differences.


Proposals are welcome from campus faculty, staff and students. For operational purposes, funding must be routed to an existing campus unit or student group. Students must apply through an RSO, ASUC/GA, or campus department.


UC Berkeley expects to receive $700,000 from the Office of the President for this initiative. We invite proposals in the range of $5,000 - $50,000. Funds have also been set aside for mini-grants of up to $2,000.  In addition, a small portion of the funds has already been distributed to address urgent campus needs in this area.

Funding Period and Allowable Costs

Funding will be available for use March 15, 2024 through June 30, 2025. Funding provided through this initiative can support a range of extracurricular, educational and/or cultural programming. Proposals can range from expert panels to student dialogue groups to artistic projects or events around music, film, or poetry.

What will not be supported through this initiative:

  • ongoing salaries/new positions (with the exception of limited contract positions)

  • ongoing activities or operational costs (with limited exceptions)

  • new mandatory trainings related to antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Palestinian and anti-Israeli bias, and other issues

Individuals/units are free to submit more than one proposal.