Chancellor's Native American Advisory Council

The Chancellor’s Native American Advisory Council will advance priorities, offer recommendations, and serve as an advisory body to the Chancellor, the Chancellor’s Cabinet, and other senior campus leaders, including Deans & Chairs, as well as the Native American Thriving Initiative and Office of Tribal Relations.

The CNAAC is composed of faculty, staff, and student representatives; Tribal representatives; and other key stakeholders who will apply their knowledge and experience to:

1. Advising the Chancellor and members of the Chancellor’s Cabinet on matters relating to Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples

2. Advising the Office of Tribal Relations on strategic priorities and policies related to work with Tribal Nations  

3. Advising the Native American Thriving Initiative on any of its recommendations that may bear upon the success of the Native American Thriving Initiatve 

4. Lifting and providing guidance to campus leadership to address concerns and priorities of internal and external stakeholders

CNAAC Advisory Role

The council will advance priorities, offer recommendations, and serve as an advisory body to the Chancellor, the Chancellor’s Cabinet, and other senior campus leaders, including Deans & Chairs, as well as the Office of Tribal Relations and Native American Thriving Initiative on issues relevant to and/or impacting the campus Native American community (faculty, staff and students). Service on the advisory council is not compensated. 

The CNAAC will not address issues related to NAGPRA compliance or the university’s holding of ancestral remains or sacred items. Those matters are addressed by the UC Berkeley NAGPRA Implementation Committee

Nominations for the 2024 CNAAC are open - EXTENDED.

We encourage you to submit your nomination for the 2024 CNAAC. New deadline: APRIL 19th. 

  • March 15, 2024: Nomination submission deadline

  • March 2024: Review of nominations

  • April 2024: CNAAC members selected and announced

  • Late Spring 2024: First CNAAC meeting

Submit your nomination here.

CNAAC Eligibility & Membership

The CNAAC is an Advisory Council made up of 21-23 members representing the campus community and Tribal Nations, appointed by the Chancellor. The committee will engage and consult with stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Tribal representatives, as needed. Staff support for the Advisory Committee will be provided by the Chancellor’s Immediate Office. The CNAAC will support efforts to inform and educate the campus community about Native issues more effectively, how we can improve tribal community outreach and communications, support Native community interests, and improve campus climate and campus experiences for Native people.

The Council will be comprised of:

  1. Core Positions: Seven staff positions based on campus role

  2. Appointed Positions: Six additional campus positions, representing Native students, staff and faculty

  3. At-Large Positions: Eight to ten positions, primarily representing Native Nations

At-Large (8-10 positions) - extend to 4/17 deadline 

  • Tribal Representative (Chair, Council member, or duly appointed designee) (2)

  • Tribal Education Representative 

  • Tribal Historic Preservation Officer

  • East Bay Ohlone Tribal Representatives (1-3 positions)

  • Research Community Connections

  • Higher Education/Student Success Expertise

  • UC Berkeley Alum

For appointed and at-large positions, the Chancellor seeks individuals who:

  • Bring familiarity and a demonstrated commitment to issues impacting the Native American community, including as it specifically relates to UC Berkeley

  • Have experience working with Native American communities in California and/or in higher education

  • Will work effectively with fellow committee members and invited guests

  • Effectively work within the University's complex administrative framework to find positive solutions to problems and issues affecting staff on the Berkeley campus

  • Work collaboratively with other CNAAC members to seek consensus

  • Participate actively in CNAAC meetings and discussions

We are seeking CNAAC members to represent federally and non-federally recognized Tribes. For Tribal representative positions, nominees represent that their Tribal Council or other appropriate Tribal body has designated them as a Tribal representative. No single Tribe may nominate more than one member to the CNAAC. Notwithstanding a CNAAC member’s Tribal affiliation, each at-large member will, to the best of their ability, advocate for the interests of Native Nations in their region. 

Membership Terms & Commitment 

  • Appointed and at-large positions will serve two-year terms.

  • After two consecutive terms, members will take a mandatory one-year (or one term) break from serving on the Council. 

  • Initially, to prevent the entire CNAAC from transitioning off at the same time, half of the Appointed and At-Large positions will serve two-year terms (2024-2025) and half will serve initial three-year terms (2024-2026).

  • Members are required to attend at least three meetings annually. If a member misses more than two consecutive meetings, they will be asked to step down from the Council to ensure the work of the Council can continue. 

We expect that the primary time commitment of CNAAC members will include preparation for and attendance at quarterly meetings, one of which will be in-person at UC Berkeley and the remaining three will have an option for virtual participation. The inaugural 2024 CNAAC will identify meeting dates and times.

The inaugural CNAAC will discuss the decision-making process at its first meeting, including what constitutes a quorum and what agenda items are ongoing discussions or items for feedback and input, versus making recommendations, requests to campus leadership, or decisions for CNAAC action. Travel stipends for in-person meetings will be available for at-large positions traveling from outside the Bay Area.

Please contact with questions.