Chancellor's Senate/Administration Committee on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

Chancellor and Academic Senate Chair Respond to Committee Report

Chancellor Dirks and Academic Senate Chair Powell issued a response to the Chancellor's Senate/Administration Committee on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment report on May 1, 2017.

The final draft of the report was submitted to the Chancellor and Chair of the Academic Senate on Tuesday, January 31st. 

Report of findings and recommendations.

The Committee's Charge

The Chancellor's Senate/Administration Committee on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment, formed in April of 2016, was tasked with reviewing and making recommendations for improving all campus services, policies and practices relating to the prevention, remediation, adjudication, and sanctioning of sexual violence, harassment and assault against students, staff and faculty on the UC Berkeley campus.

The Committee had originally planned on completing its recommendations by November 2016. That timeline has been adjusted as the Committee has been offering several Listening/Input Sessions to share their progress and receive valuable input from students, staff, and faculty. With those sessions scheduled to conclude in late November 2016, the Committee will work to incorporate feedback and plan to complete their recommendations by early 2017.

Committee Membership


Carla Hesse Dean of Social Sciences and Executive Dean of the College of Letters & Science
Barbara Spackman Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature


Carol Christ Interim Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost; Professor Emerita, English
Catherine Albiston Professor of Law and Sociology
Sharon Inkelas

Professor of Linguistics

Inez Fung Professor of Earth and Planetary Science
Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton Professor of Psychology; Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, College of Letters & Science
Janelle Scott Professor of Education
Molly Van Houweling Professor of Law

Academic Senate Representatives:

Donna Jones Associate Professor of English, DECC
Jenna Johnson-Hanks Associate Professor of Demography and Sociology, CAPRA


Barbara A. Lane Assistant Dean (CAO), College of Natural Resources


Selina Lao ASUC Representative
Frances McGinley ASUC Representative
Cory Hernandez GA Representative

External Advisors to the Committee:

Mary Sue Coleman Former President of the University of Michigan, Incoming President of the Association of American Universities
Ruth Simmons Former President of Brown University, Professor of Comparative Literature and Africana Studies
Robert Post Dean of Yale Law School, Professor of Law

Staff to the Committee:

Jenny Kwon Special Projects Administrator, Office of the Chancellor

Chair Carla Hesse

Carla Hesse

Carla Hesse has taught at Berkeley for more than 20 years, and currently serves as dean of social sciences,executive dean of the College of Letters and Science, and Peder Sather Professor of History. A specialist in modern European history and the history of women, she has also served as Chair of the Committee on Women and Minorities for the American Historical Association. 

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Contact the Committee

To pose a question, submit a recommendation or provide feedback to the Chancellor’s Senate/Administration Committee on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment, please write to