Commission on Free Speech

Free Speech Movement March

About the Commission

UC Berkeley is both bound by and strongly believes in constitutional protections regarding the freedom of expression. The campus also has an “obligation to maintain conditions under which the work of the University can go forward freely,” as stated in the introduction to the Berkeley Campus Regulations Implementing University Policies. Recent experience has shown that major events hosted by non-departmental users may place those values in conflict.  

The Commission on Free Speech will analyze events featuring external speakers in order to recommend changes in policy that will preserve the campus’s firm commitment to free expression while reducing the likelihood that such expression will disrupt the university’s mission of education, research, and public service. The commission will also advise on how UC Berkeley might best align its responsibility for protecting free speech with its values as a community.

The commission will issue an interim report on its work and recommendations by April of 2018.

Learn more about the commission, its purpose, and its goals in the Commission on Free Speech charge letter.

Contact the Commission

While the Commission on Free Speech's analysis process includes hearings with student leaders, staff, faculty, alumni, and others, we are eager to hear input from all members of the UC Berkeley community.

To pose a question, submit a recommendation, or provide feedback to the commission, please write to