About the Building Name Review Committee

The Building Naming Review Committee was commissioned in the fall of 2017 by Chancellor Carol Christ. The committee's charge is to:

  1. Create and maintain a process and mechanism for members of the UC Berkeley community to submit proposals to un-name a building;

  2. As needed, convene to review and assess proposals; and

  3. Submit a recommendation on each proposal to the chancellor. [Subsequently, if there is a recommendation to un-name a building, and the chancellor agrees, she/he/they will submit a request to the UC Office of the President for final approval]

The review committee is comprised of two members of Berkeley's Academic Senate, one representing the Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation and one representing the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Campus Climate; one representative from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion; one representative from the Office for the Vice Provost for Academic and Space Planning; two members of the faculty-at-large; two undergraduate students; two graduate students; and a member of the Office of Legal Affairs and Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Development and Alumni Relations. Current membership is listed below.

2020-2021 Committee Membership

Affiliation Name and Title
Academic Senate

Paul Fine, Professor (Committee Chair), Integrative Biology (CAPRA)

Academic Senate Keith Feldman, Professor, Ethnic Studies (DECC)

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion

Fabrizio Mejia, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Equity and Success

Office for the Vice Provost for Academic Planning

James Ford, Chief of Staff, Academic Planning


Dylan Penningroth, Professor, History and Law Departments


Frank C. Worrell, Professor, Graduate School of Education

Undergraduate student representative

Melvin Tangonan, ASUC Senator

Undergraduate student representative Victoria Vera, ASUC Diversity Affairs Commission Chair
Graduate student representative

Ari Chivukula, Berkeley Law, & GA Project Director - Queer and Transgender Advocacy

Graduate student representative

Alex Mabanta, Berkeley Law

Office of Legal Affairs


Therese Leone, Deputy Campus Counsel

Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Development and Alumni Relations

(Ex-officio when a proposal involves a philanthropically named building)

Nancy McKinney, Executive Director of Donor and Gift Services