Building Name Review Committee

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The UC Berkeley Building Name Review Committee is tasked with reviewing proposals submitted by our campus community regarding whether the name of an existing campus building should be removed. Removing the name of a building is a consequential decision that will require careful study and thoughtful consideration of different viewpoints from the entire campus community, and this site serves as a hub for such engagement.

After the submission and community feedback process described on this site is complete, the Building Name Review Committee will make a recommendation to Berkeley's chancellor on whether a building’s name should be removed. In the case of an honorific building name (a building named to honor someone without a philanthropic gift attached), if the chancellor accepts the recommendation to remove a name, the request will then be sent to the UC Office of the President for final approval. In the case of a philanthropic building name (the building was named in response to a donation), the UC President must also receive an additional approval from the California Attorney General before a decision can be made.

The committee is not charged with considering new names for buildings. More information about the naming of buildings can be found in the UC Berkeley Principles for Naming.

The principles that will guide the review process, a description of the process, and how members of the campus community can submit a proposal to remove a building’s name are addressed on this web site.

Current proposals under review

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Outcome of Building Name Review Proposals