Submit a Proposal

Any member of the University community (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) may initiate a review of a building’s name by submitting a written proposal. 

Proposals must addresses all of the following requirements:

  1. The proposal should frame its argument consistent with the Building Name Review Committee’s stated principles. If an individual’s life is consistent with some of these principles and inconsistent with others, the proposal must make a case for why some principles outweigh others. For example, the named individual may have provided extensive service to the University, conducted important research, or made other contributions. However, this same individual may have acted to harm members of various groups. The proposal should explain why pernicious effects outweigh the contributions.
  2. The proposal must make a compelling case for the removal of a building name by providing evidence, documenting the sources used, and explaining why those sources are reliable. The proposal may provide links to videos or other relevant online material prepared by the proposer.
  3. The proposal must explicitly address the following questions:

A. What building name do you propose removing?

B. Why was the building named after this person? (Was the name honorific or due to a donation?)

C. What service, if any, did this person perform for the University?

D. What is the history of contesting the legacy of the building’s namesake, if any?

E. Why do you believe that the legacy of the namesake is fundamentally at odds with the mission of the University? That is, why does that the legacy’s pernicious effects outweigh the individual’s contributions?

F. What is the likely impact on members of the University community if the name is retained or removed?

G. Please add any other relevant information or arguments.

Note: Before submitting a formal proposal, an individual or group may fill out this Google Form to announce their intention to submit a proposal, but this is not obligatory. The purpose of announcing the intention to file a proposal is to facilitate the possible coordination of more than one group with the same goal. 

Haas School of Business

Full guidelines for proposal submission are available online here.

Final proposals and relevant supporting materials should be sent to