Legal Services

Legal Services for Faculty, Staff and Students

For faculty and staff with legal concerns or questions that arise in the course and scope of their UC Berkeley employment, feel free to contact Office of Legal Affairs (OLA), phone:  510-642-7122, or contact one of our campus counsel.  From OLA's home page you will find respective campus counsel profiles, and for each, their areas of subject matter expertise.  

OLA does not provide personal legal advice to UC Berkeley faculty, staff or students.  Following are some resources finding legal counsel advice in a personal matter.  

  • Accessing Student Legal Services
    Currently registered Berkeley students can obtain free legal advice and information from the counseling attorney in the office of Campus Life and Leadership at 102 Sproul Hall (phone: 664-7487). Refer to the Campus Life and Leadership page for more information. 
  • Faculty or Staff:
    If you wish to consult an attorney regarding a personal matter, you may call the State Bar of California, their San Francisco office by phone, 1-415-538-2000; or search their website.
  • UC offers the AARG Legal Plan, which provides a wide range of personal legal services (you should check year-to-year on whether this service will continue to be offered on UCB's Human Resources site under "Other Benefits").