Building Name Review: Kroeber Hall

On July 1, 2020, the Building Name Review Committee received a proposal un-name Kroeber Hall.

At this time, the Building Name Review Committee solicits and welcomes feedback on the proposal for Krober Hall. The initial comment period will remain open for 2-5 weeks depending on the volume of responses. Responders may indicate that their comments remain private; if not so indicated, the Committee will curate and post comments on its website. 

This committee review process helps determine if the current name of a building should be changed. Identifying a permanent new name for any building approved for un-naming is a separate process that requires additional consultation with our campus community at a later stage.

The initial comment period for Kroeber Hall has been extended (step #2 of the reivew process).  Comments can be submitted through to August 14, 2020.

Key Documents:

Kroeber - Building Name Review Committee Proposal

Public Comments

Public comments will be made available after the initial comment period. This is anticipated to be mid-August.