Eligibility Work Group


  • Review HSI designation application processes, timelines, eligibility criteria, and relevant institutional data;
  • Identify technical aspects of successfully applying for the HSI designation;
  • Engage peer institutions about anticipated challenges to the application processes and eligibility criteria;
  • Review admissions and recruitment strategies that will support HSI goals;
  • Make recommendations for the best approaches for Berkeley to meet the HSI application requirements and eligibility requirements.


  • Marsha Jaeger, Co-chair - Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational Partnerships
  • Olufemi Ogundele, Co-chair – Director of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Oscar Dubón, HSI Task Force Co-chair - Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion
  • Andrew Eppig - Institutional Analyst, Division of Equity & Inclusion
  • Adrian Frias - Director of State Government Relations, Government and Community Relations
  • Oliver O’Reilly – Professor of Mechanical Engineering; College of Engineering
  • Rick Russo - Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean, Summer Sessions, Study Abroad & Lifelong Learning
  • Steve Sutton, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Outcomes & Products:

  • UC Berkeley eligibility requirement assessment
  • Enrollment modeling tool
  • Outreach and recruitment strategy and actions
  • Recommendations on the pathways to meeting the HSI application requirements