Hispanic Serving Institution Task Force

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About the Task Force

In the fall of 2018, Chancellor Christ announced that UC Berkeley would begin the process of becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution. One of the boldest goals in the campus’ strategic plan, the university will seek to become an HSI by 2027, joining six other UC campuses with that distinction. Under HSI status, at least 25 percent of the enrolled undergraduate students will be Chicanx/Latinx. Becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution is an important step towards ensuring every student thrives and has equal access to Berkeley’s extraordinary opportunities.

The work of the Hispanic Serving Institution Task Force is to provide the campus a blueprint for becoming an HSl. The work scope includes:

  • Focusing on the development of goals toward becoming an HSI, as well as related immediate, short and long-term goals;
  • Creating an actionable, campus-wide engagement and socialization plan;
  • Recommending investments in infrastructure, curriculum, research, and campus culture toward serving the Chicanx/Latinx community, as well as other underrepresented, underserved and/or invisibilized communities;
  • Reviewing the HSl application processes and timelines, eligibility criteria;
  • Collecting relevant institutional data;
  • Developing a communications plan.

The recommendations will be delivered to the Chancellor by spring 2020.

Task Force Work Groups

Eligibility Work Group

This work group will review HSI designation application processes, timelines, criteria and relevant
institutional data with an eye toward recommending how Berkeley will meet the HSI
application requirements.

California Hall

Investing & Serving Work Group

This work group will identify areas for investment that will allow the campus to better serve the Chicanx/Latinx community.

Socialization Work Group

This work group will create a campus-wide communication, engagement and socialization plan that will identify and articulate the benefits of becoming an HSI for all stakeholders.

Contact the Task Force

The HSI Task Force welcomes public questions and comments as it assembles its recommendations.

Task Force Co-Chairs:

Task Force Staff:


June 11, 2019: HSI Task Force Charge Letter distributed

September 27, 2019: HSI Task Force formal launch

October 2019: Establish three working groups: Eligibility, Investing & Serving, and Socialization

October-December 2019: Plan work groups’ approach, work group products, timelines, engagement strategy

January-February 2020: Engage community through focus groups, peer institution interviews, and listening sessions

2nd week of February 2020: Share preview of products from all work groups with the Task Force and do a cross-walk amongst work groups for feedback on products

3rd week of February 2020: Share preview of products with Task Force co-chairs for feedback

February 24, 2020: Present progress to date on HSI Task Force Roadmap to Chancellor

March or April 2020: Host Campus Conversation on HSI Roadmap

May 2020: Establish an HSI Roadmap Implementation Team