UC Berkeley Police Accountability Board

The UC Berkeley Police Accountability Board (PAB) was created in 2023. It is one component of the 2021 UC Community Safety Plan, designed to transform the institutional approach to campus safety. 

The Police Accountability Board (PAB):

  • is a civilian campus police accountability body that reviews investigation reports regarding complaints filed against sworn officers of the University of California Police Department (UCPD)

  • helps ensure that complaints regarding the conduct of sworn UCPD officers are resolved in a fair, thorough, reasonable and expeditious manner

Structure of the PAB:

  • Representative: the 10-member PAB includes student, faculty, staff, and community members 
  • Trained: PAB members are trained in the legal, statutory, policy and confidentiality requirements of these investigations
  • Independent: PAB is independent of the campus police department, in that its members are not current or former UCPD employees

What does the PAB do?

  • If an individual has filed a complaint against a sworn UCPD officer that has led to an investigation, the PAB reviews the redacted, confidential investigation report and provides recommendations to the Chief of Police. (The PAB is not an investigative body. Investigations are managed by OPHD, in partnership with UC Davis.)

  • PAB reports outcomes on its website and issues an annual report.

What is the difference between the PAB, the Independent Advisory Board (IAB), and the Police Review Board (PRB)?

The PAB and IAB, together, replace the former PRB, which has been dissolved. You can read more about the IAB on the IAB website.