Office of Tribal Relations

Office of Tribal Relations

The Office of Tribal Relations will lead UC Berkeley’s efforts to build, repair, and nurture relationships with sovereign Native Nations and serve as an ambassador between the campus and Tribal communities.

The Director of Tribal Affairs will strive to:

  • Hold UC Berkeley accountable to the needs, interests and priorities of Native Nations; 
  • Understand and communicate Tribal concerns and interests to campus; and 
  • Develop robust Tribal consultation practices to ensure Native Nations have input on campus priorities, initiatives and efforts that impact Native people. 

This new Office of Tribal Relations will prioritize relationship building and listening, and long-term goals and priorities for the office will be created in dialogue with Native Nations. This will include the creation and implementation of robust tribal consultation policies.

The Office of Tribal Relations can help facilitate campus visits for tribal delegations, including access to Native American collections and providing on-site parking. Please contact us for more information: email or contact UC Berkeley’s Director of Tribal Affairs, Tedde Simon, at or 510-829-2660.

As we work towards needed institutional transformation, it is imperative that Tribal perspectives be woven into the fabric of the university.  In recognition of the inherent sovereignty and right of self-determination of Native Nations, the Office of Tribal Relations was created in the Chancellor’s Government and Community Relations office, alongside federal, state, and local government relations staff.  This important position was created through the advocacy, persistence and recommendations of Tribal leaders, Native American members of the university community, and allies.

Please do not hesitate to contact UC Berkeley’s Director of Tribal Affairs, Tedde Simon, at or 510-829-2660. 

Read more about UC Berkeley’s inaugural Tribal Liaison Tedde Simon

For more information on services, supports, and community-engaged partnerships at UC Berkeley, please visit Native American Student Development

For UC Berkeley faculty, staff, lecturers and other affiliates, please continue reading for guidance on how to engage with the Office of Tribal Relations and how the office can support you.

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