For Requesters

Guidelines for Access to Public Records

  1. Request Methods: There is no specific form that must be used to make a request. Written requests are strongly encouraged to help reduce confusion about the records requested. Requests should be submitted to
  2. Identifying Records: To help us provide records promptly, please provide specific information about the records you seek including the record name, subject matter, author’s name, date, office, or department that created and/or maintained the record. When a record cannot be identified by name, please be as specific as possible in describing the record, based on its content.
  3. Time Deadlines: The University is required to determine within 10 days (can be extended to 24 days for voluminous/complex requests) after receipt of a records request whether or not the requested records are subject to disclosure, and to notify the person making the request of the reasons for that determination. The records themselves are not required to be released in 10 days. At the time of making a determination, the University will provide a good faith estimate of when the records will be available. Please be aware that the University receives a very high volume of requests for records and that requests are generally processed in the order in which received.
  4. Cost of Duplication: The CPRA allows agencies to make records available “upon payment of fees covering direct costs of duplication."
  5. Exemptions: The University may refuse to disclose any records or portions of records which are exempt from disclosure under the law.