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Chancellor Emeritus Robert J. Birgeneau - Higher Education

Arnold & Barbara Silverman Professor of Physics, Materials Science & Engineering, and Public Policy
University of California, Berkeley

Public Research Universities: Preserving Lincoln's Legacy, Ensuring American Competitiveness
American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Public Research Universities: Serving the Public Good
American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Public Research Universities: Understanding the Financial Model
American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Public Research Universities: Changes in State Funding
American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Public Research Universities:  Why They Matter
American Academy of Arts and Sciences

To fix California's colleges, reform Prop. 13 by taxing corporations more
Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed)
(2 November 2015)

Charles M. Vest
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, Vol. 159, No. 1
(March 2015)

The Lincoln Project:  Access and Excellence in Public Education
Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vol. LXVII, No. 2, pp. 51-52
(Winter 2014)

A New Strategy to Maintain America’s Position of Global Preeminence
Carnegie Reporter, 12-13
(Winter 2014)

In ‘At Berkeley,’ a Top School Struggles to Fulfill its Public Mission
Forum with Michael Krasny, KQED
(4 December 2013)

At Berkeley (motion picture), Wiseman, F. (Producer & Director)
USA:  Zipporah Films

How to Maintain America’s Global Preeminence
(7 October 2013)

The Benefit of Public Investment in Higher Education:  California and Beyond
Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vol. LXVI, No. 4, pp. 20-23
(Summer 2013)

Access and excellence, locally and globally
Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2013
(7 March 2013)

Chancellor's message on passage of Prop. 30
UC Berkeley NewsCenter
(7 November 2012)

Chancellor urges teens to overcome obstacles to college
UC Berkeley NewsCenter
(6 November 2012)

UC Berkeley NewsCenter
(5 November 2012)
By Robert J. Birgeneau
The Daily Californian (Op-Ed)
(8 August 2012)
Modernizing Governance at the University of California
A Proposal that the Regents Create and Delegate Some Responsibilities to Campus Boards(April 2012)
UC Berkeley's future is California's future
San Francisco Chronicle (Op-Ed)
(25 March 2012)
Knowledge Made in America
A Private-Public Funding Model for Leading Public Research Universities(10 February 2012)

Chancellor Invites Political Leaders to Campus Dialogue on Public Higher Education
(15 November 2011)

Chancellor's Message Regarding the Occupy Cal Movement's Events
(14 November 2011)

Chancellor’s Message on the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11
(9 September 2011)

Chancellor Birgeneau’s Fall 2011 Welcome and State of the Campus Message
(26 August 2011)

Working together to end violence: Chancellor's letter to the campus community(25 August 2011)

Chancellor announces new plan for Cal Athletics' future
NewsCenter | 28 September 2010

Universities play key role in strengthening science, math education in the U.S.
NewsCenter | 14 September 2010

Chancellor Birgeneau’s Fall 2010 Welcome Message to the Campus Community
(26 August 2010)

Chancellor Birgeneau reacts to ASUC divestment bill related to disputed territories in the Middle East
(29 April 2010)

Advocating for Public Support of Access and ExcellenceThe Daily Californian
(2 March 2010)

Pioneering Initiative Launched on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, backed by Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund(18 February 2010)

Zero Fees, Zero Low Income Students?The Sacramento Bee
(17 February 2010)

For Berkeley, New Decade Begins Path to Recovery
(11 January 2010)

Chancellor Comments on Governor's State of the State Address
NewsCenter | 07 January 2010

Universities Turn to Consultants to Trim Budgets (PDF)
By Tamar Lewin
The New York Times
(15 November 2009)

Cracks in the Future
Bob Herbert, Op-Ed Columnist
The New York Times
(3 October 2009)

Rescuing Our Public UniversitiesBy Robert J. Birgeneau and Frank D. Yeary
The Washington Post
(27 September 2009)

Berkeley Will Remain Great, But Will It Retain Its Public Character?
Chancellor Birgeneau responds to the blog post, 'UCB RIP'
NewsCenter | 24 July 2009

Chancellor Birgeneau Speaks Out on Diversity Leadership
In interview, chancellor talks about how to spread equity and inclusion.
(26 June 2009)

Shinnyo-en Foundation names UC Berkeley Chancellor and Maria Shriver its 2009 'Pathfinders to Peace'
(22 June 2009)

The State of Equity and Inclusion at UC Berkeley
Chancellor Tells of Campus Equity and Inclusion: the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
The Daily Californian
(3 March 2009)

Access and Excellence (PDF)
The Chancellor's vision for our campus
NewsCenter | 21 November 2008 (Fall 2008)

A message to the UC Berkeley community from Chancellor Robert Birgeneau
(14 May 2008)

On Sexual and Gender Diversity
A Statement of Principle
Berkeleyan (8 May 2008)

The New Math of College Financing
By Anne Marie Chaker
The Wall Street Journal
(21 April 2008; Page R1)

Birgeneau testifies before U.S. Senate panel examining greenhouse gas emissions
From Public Affairs | 03 April 2008

Endowments Widen a Higher Education Gap
By Karen W. Arenson
The New York Times
(4 February 2008)

Affordability and access in public higher education
Helping families meet the challenge of rising costs
(30 January 2008)

Bravo for Yale and Harvard, but what about the rest?
USA Today
(23 January 2008)

Corporate Labs Disappear. Academia Steps In.
By G. Pascal Zachary
The New York Times
( 16 December 2007)

"Women Advancing Science"
By Jo Handelsman and Robert J. Birgeneau
Appeared Tuesday, September 25, 2007
in the Technology Review Blog
DNA and Cell Biology. 2007, 26(11): 763-764. doi:10.1089/dna.2007.1503.

Is a UC education affordable?
Open Forum
San Francisco Chronicle
(22 August 2007)

¿Es asequible una educación en UC?
La Opinión, Los Angeles, CA
(02 de septiembre de 2007)

Professor Gibor Basri appointment as Berkeley’s first Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion approved by the Regents of the University of California
(19 July 2007)

Chancellor Birgeneau Discusses UC Berkeley on Leading Chinese Talk Show
From Public Affairs | 11 July 2007

Undocumented Students Deserve Aid Too
Los Angeles Times
(7 July 2007)

Una inversión sensata
La Opinión, Los Angeles, CA
(20 de julio de 2007)

A Modern Public University (PDF)
Nature Materials (PDF 824 KB)
(July, 2007)

Statement in Response to British Faculty Union's Proposed Action Against Israeli Universities
(15 June 2007)

Chancellor Birgeneau's Message on the Recent Devastation in China and Myanmar
( 21 May 2007)

UC Deal Should be Celebrated, Not Criticized
Sacramento Bee
(29 April 2007)

On Our Energy Future
UC-BP Partnership Offers Path to Energy Independence
Robert J. Birgeneau, Steven Chu
San Francisco Chronicle
(15 April 2007)

Chancellor Birgeneau receives Honorary Doctorate from Tsinghua University
Doctorate Address: The Public University in the 21st Century (PDF)
Photos: Degree Awarded, Doctorate Address, Friendship Tree Planting
(18 April 2007)

The Energy Biosciences Institute
(8 February 2007)

California Interview by Kerry Tremain
(November/December 2006)

The Berkeleyan Interview with Chancellor Birgeneau
(18 October 2006)

Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion,
a New Post, to Join Campus Leadership Team
(23 August 2006)

UC Berkeley Diversity Initiatives
(23 August 2006)

UC Chancellor Touts Diversity
The Berkeley campus official speaks to leaders and students of some Inland tribes.
(11 July 2006)

Living the California Dream
Article published in The Guardian, UK
(11 July 2006)

The World is Round in Berkeley
Seizing Opportunity in a Globalized World
San Francisco Chronicle
( 22 February 2006)

Convocation Welcome and Remarks
(11 May 2005)

Frontiers of Knowledge, Frontiers of Education
Chancellor Birgeneau's Inaugural Address

Difficult Dialogues: Promoting Pluralism and Academic Freedom on Campus (PDF)
(31 March 2005 PDF)

Anti-bias Law has Backfired at Berkeley
Los Angeles Times Opinion Piece
(27 March 2005)

The Meaning of Inclusion
(4 March 2005)

Chancellor Birgeneau's Path to Berkeley
California Monthly Article
(November 2004)

Welcome message
From Chancellor Birgeneau
(22 September 2004)

Meet Chancellor Birgeneau
A "Bear In Mind" discussion with AVC George Strait
(27 July 2004)

Celebrating Sexual Diversity
Letter in the University of Toronto Bulletin
(20 October 2003)

A Study on the Status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT, 1999 (PDF)