Local and Regional Partnerships


The Berkeley Alliance/2020 Vision for Berkeley's Children & Youth

UC Berkeley is a founding member with the City of Berkeley and Berkeley Unified School District. The Berkeley Alliance is the convening organization for the 2020 Vision for Berkeley's Youth and Children initiative, which is a citywide movement to ensure academic success and wellbeing for all children and youth growing up in Berkeley, by closing the achievement and health gaps in Berkeley's public schools by the year 2020. Campus faculty and students are working closely to support strategies that lead to third grade reading proficiency and college and career readiness. To learn more, visit the Berkeley Alliance website and sign up for the Berkeley Alliance newsletter. link

Berkeley Alliance

Berkeley Alliance youth participants (courtesy of Berkeley Alliance)

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Downtown Berkeley Association

The Downtown Berkeley Association (DBA) is an independent nonprofit organization and the Owner’s Association for a Property Based Business Improvement District (PBID) that represents 187 property owners and approximately 680 of their merchant and business tenants. The Downtown Berkeley Association is a self-imposed and self-governed property tax assessment which funds new environmental and economic enhancements that augment base level city services. The PBID was approved for a five-year term beginning on January 2012. UC Berkeley is an active member of DBA, serving on the Board of Directors and engaging in efforts to promote Downtown Berkeley.  Follow the links to learn more about the PBID and the Downtown Berkeley Association.

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Berkeley Chamber of Commerce

For more than 100 years, the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce has brought together business leaders from across industries to advocate for a healthy environment for business and community. Today, the Chamber’s diverse membership includes representatives from local arts organizations as well as laboratories and health care and pharmaceutical organizations and universities including UC Berkeley. One of the goals of the Chamber is “to build avenues for coordination and collaboration with these important institutions on issues of mutual benefit that ensure their prosperity and continued contributions to the business and citizens of Berkeley.” Learn more about the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce or contact Berkeley Chamber of Commerce staff members.

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Telegraph Business Improvement District

The Telegraph Business Improvement District (TBID) is a non-profit organization that helps sponsor special events, provides sidewalk cleaning and other service, and advocates for positive change in the Telegraph area. UC Berkeley is actively engaged in the TBID, holding a seat on the Board of Directors and supporting the District’s initiatives.  Visit the Telegraph Business Improvement District website to learn more or contact the Telegraph Business Improvement District.

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East Bay Bio Medical Manufacturing Network

The East Bay Biomedical Manufacturing Network is convened by a partnership of regional entities focused on building an East Bay biomedical, manufacturing network for business assistance, technology transfer, education and training, and economic development in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the networks’ education and training partners, UC Berkeley connects faculty and students with regional businesses in advanced manufacturing jobs in the biomedical industry. Through the Bio-Manufacturing to Market program we place intern teams with emerging start-ups and established business to support research and business development. Learn more about the East Bay Biomedical Manufacturing Network, or contact the East Bay Biomedical Manufacturing Network through Program Director Dr. Gregory Theyel.

East Bay Bio Medical Lab

The East Bay Biomedical Manufacturing Network offers biomedical manufacturing business assistance, technology transfer and education  (courtesy of East Bay Biomedical Manufacturing Network)

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East Bay Economic Development Alliance

The East Bay Economic Development Alliance (East Bay EDA) is a public/private partnership serving the San Francisco East Bay including Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. The Alliance works to establish the East Bay as a world-recognized place to grow businesses, attract capital, and create quality jobs. UC Berkeley is an active member focusing on bridging education pathways to careers in regional industries. Learn more about the East Bay EDA or visit the East Bay EDA contact page.

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East Bay Green Corridor