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Berkeley Underground Scholars and State Senator Nancy SkinnerChancellor's Community Partnership Fund


(State Senator and Cal Alumna Nancy Skinner attends the graduation of the Berkeley Underground Scholars a fund  recipient.)

The 2018-19 Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund Recipients Announced

The Chancellor’s Community Partnership Fund (Partnership Fund) announced a new round of grants to partnerships that aim to improve the quality of life in Berkeley. A total of $285,000 will be awarded to 28 partnerships that seek to improve the lives of Berkeley residents and students.

All five Partnership Fund themes of arts and culture, community safety, education, economic development, environmental stewardship are represented among the grants this year; five of the grants are neighborhood improvement projects that seek to enhance the physical environment in Berkeley.

Supporting educational partnerships continues to be a priority of the Partnership Fund — and is reflected in the 2018-19 cohort of recipients: Nearly one-half of this year’s funding is dedicated to supporting education-based partnerships. All of the education proposals are designed to further the objectives of the Berkeley’s 2020 Vision, the community-wide effort to end the disparities in academic achievement that exist along racial lines among children and youth in Berkeley. 

The Partnership Fund has awarded nearly $3 million since it was founded 2006, supporting 171 partnerships. UC Berkeley created the Chancellor’s Community Partnership Fund to strengthen the university’s support for the Berkeley community. Equally important is the Partnership Fund’s objective to strengthen collaboration and catalyze new partnerships between the campus and the community through research, public service, engaged scholarship and educational partnerships.

This year’s 28 partnerships recipients were selected from a pool of 50 proposals totaling nearly $1 million in funding requests.

Interested in applying? The next grant cycle (2019-2020) will kick off in the fall semester. Check out the timeline and support documents below — the upcoming 2019-2020 grant cycle will will be very similar.

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Fund application timeline and grant documents (2018-19)*

*Please check back in the fall for 2019-20 grant cycle update. Feel free to review the documents below and note that the next cycle will follow a similar timeline and have similar support documents and deadlines. 

2018-19 GRANT application timeline 

Fall semester dates:

October 2, 2017: Grant Application Cycle launched
October 26, 2017: Community Mixer (See agenda and the slides
December 8, 2017: Pre-Application Forms Due

Spring semester dates:

February 2018: Full Applications Requested from Selected Applicants
March 12, 2018, no later than 5pm: Full Applications Due
May 2018: Partnership Grant Awards Announced
Fall 2018: Funding released

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A mural by Nigel Sussman called "Wired" commissinoed by the Telegraph Business Improvement District, a fund recipient.

A mural by Nigel Sussman called "Wired" commissinoed by the Telegraph Business Improvement District, a fund recipient.


Established by Chancellor Robert Birgeneau in 2006 and now continued by Chancellor Carol Christ, the UC Berkeley Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund (the Partnership Fund) supports projects and programs that establish, extend and strengthen collaborative partnerships between UC Berkeley and the wider Berkeley community. The Partnership Fund seeks to enhance the quality of life for people who live and work in Berkeley by providing grant funding to neighborhood improvement projects and community service programs that link the university's energy and resources with those of the community. For more information about the history of the Partnership Fund, see the CCPF Community Report (download PDF).

The Partnership Fund supports neighborhood improvement projects and community service programs that utilize collaborative relationships between UC Berkeley and the community to address critical needs in the following thematic areas:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Community Safety
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Environmental Stewardship

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Pasangan Partners (2012)

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For more information about the Fund or if you have questions about the grant application, please e-mail or contact UC Berkeley's Office of Government and Community Relations at 510-642-7860.

Berkeley Unified in Literacy Development (2012)

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